Wet Wet Wet Send Out Message to Fans as The Big Picture Tour Ends

Wet Wet Wet have posted up a message to fans as The Big Picture Tour comes to an end.

Wow Wow Wow!!! Well there you go, that’s another tour under our collective belts and what a blast we’ve had.
There are far too many people we need to thank than we can mention here for making The Big Picture tour possible but most of all we would like to say HEARTFELT AND HUMONGOUS THANKS to one and all for coming along to see us – you make it all worthwhile and you are most definitely all on our minds today.

Rhyl, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Leeds, Manchester, London, Plymouth, (Cardiff we owe you one), Newcastle, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness – WE SALUTE YOU ALL! Until the next time, here’s a clip of one of our favourite moments during the tour…

Peace love and understanding.
Graeme, Tommy, Neil and Marti xxxx