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    Our deepest love and affection goes out to everyone affected by the horrific attack at Manchester Arena. We have such an affinity with everyone at that venue in particular as we were the first band to play there and have been back several times since. To learn that people have lost their lives there attending a concert is simply heart-breaking. #Manchester ... See MoreSee Less

    6 days ago

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    Lainey GillonI was at that very first gig and have been back there many, many times. I have so many good and happy memories of the Manchester Arena and this horrific incident is hurting so bad right now. My thoughts are with everyone caught up in the attack. 😒6 days ago   ·  2
    Katherine BrooksI was at the first gig and have been back many times over the years. I think most people in this greater Manchester area know someone who was there on Monday. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected xxx4 days ago
    Lorraine JaapTargeting somewhere knowing it would be filled with such young children is despicable. Such happy memories of wets gigs at the venue, including the first one 😒6 days ago   ·  5
    Marcia WelchMy son does tours there he is a lighting technician specialising in concert lighting he's touring with free at the moment he's 19 and worked at this venue many times wasn't sure if he was there last night I was in bits till I found out he was in east Bourne i feel for the beautiful people an children who lost there lives and for those parents absolutely gutting fly high Angels x6 days ago
    Karen Marie DCruzJust so sad Marti Graeme Neil & Tom were only there March 2016 Big Picture Tour really devastating and heart felt for those who loss their lives and several injured which should've been an enjoyable night not a night of devastation poor kids and their families my heart goes out to them at this very difficult time and prayers πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ❀️❀️xxxx6 days ago
    Hannah PatersonMy heart goes out to who last there life's yes it is I'm Manchester girl I all love Manchester has I was growing up my thoughts got to family's and friend rip6 days ago
    Sheila MitchellVery sad, how anyone can walk into a building full of young people ,and blow themselves up with the aim of killing and injuring as many innocent people is beyond me. Love to all. XXxxXX6 days ago
    Sarah KilfeatherDreadfully sad... Many probably at their first concert, can you imagine the excitement.? I remember going to your concerts here in Dublin as a young teen... Heartbreaking, the innocence.6 days ago
    Wilmamay AmbroseIt really is heart breaking so sad. To go see your fave star playing her tunes and have the night on a high then that happens. So scary love u wets xxxxx6 days ago
    Rosie LiddiardJust heartbreaking ,was so upset when heard it on the radio going to work πŸ˜ͺ my heart goes out to the people involved in this terrible nitemare XXX6 days ago   ·  1
    Allison ByrneI was there with you and been many times for many different things. My husband worked on the build. A tragic event at a place that holds such fab memories. Prayer n thoughts with all. xxx6 days ago
    Darryl Optimistic MoonWhat the hell are these people doing these are innocent people for gods sake.my thoughts go out to Manchester and victims families at this sad time xxx6 days ago
    Donna PartridgeJust unbearable to think you can be at a concert and never go home Love to Manchester.6 days ago
    Mandy ElliotSo sad, evil pure evil, my thoughts are with the poor families of loved ones who have lost their lives xπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ❀️6 days ago   ·  1
    Linda Ashton Barnesso so sad... ive watched you perform there twice in the past x6 days ago
    Jules CarlileMy heart is with the people of Manchester . I have been to this venue many times and have many friends who work there . So sad . πŸ˜₯6 days ago
    Angela CollinsR.I.P πŸ’”πŸ’” Such a tragic waste of lives this is becoming a very scary world. Thoughts with all affected πŸ’“6 days ago
    Sam SmithVery angry, shocked and upset to wake up to terrible news. Innocent people going to a concert, just like we do when we come and enjoy your gigs. Xx6 days ago   ·  1
    Susan Sue HammondXx6 days ago
    Caroline KokSo terrible sad!! I just haven't got the words what to say..... πŸ˜₯6 days ago   ·  1
    Bernie AmosSo sad RIP to all that lost there lives very sad day God bless you all πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯6 days ago
    Elaine AndersonSuch terrible news, my heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends. x6 days ago
    Diane McLeanIts just heart breaking what has happened to those poor people. x6 days ago
    Tracey DunnHeartbreaking πŸ’” thoughts and prayers are with all the families xx6 days ago
    Karen BeckettI've seen you there many times, including last year... devastating.5 days ago

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