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    Thank you Tatton Park Goodnight! #WetWetWet #WetsSummer #WetsOnTour ... See MoreSee Less

    10 hours ago

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    Angela CollinsWOW I have waited for 25 years to see you and it was so worth the wait. That voice that smile infectious, It made my year. Thank you Marti and the fellas πŸ‘β€οΈ9 hours ago   ·  2
    Ann-Marie GartlandNo thank you that was absolutely amazing - you were all absolutely amazing ... I just can't stop smiling! 2nd time this year & I still cannot believe I was so close to you! WOW what a fantastic birthday present xxx Thank you so so much xx8 hours ago
    Louise SpeightWhat a brilliant night, great music, fab crowd, just awesome!!!! Thank you Wet Wet Wet. 😘9 hours ago   ·  1
    Jaime VarnfieldFinally a picture next to Marti, that is my little face next to his lol!9 hours ago
    Paula HillFantastic night, I never thought that I would see the day that I was in the same photograph as you guys!!! X9 hours ago
    Andrea WhistonBrilliant - 2nd time this year & just as fabulous as Manchester xx Thank you and goodnight xx9 hours ago
    Carolanne EvansFantastic night , band were on form livened every second Thank you xxx7 hours ago
    Eileen PorterThank you for a brilliant concert. Loved every minute. Scarborough is in for a treat wish I could be there xxx8 hours ago   ·  1
    Debbie WatkinsAmazing not seen you since 92, still got it thank you for a brilliant night xxx8 hours ago   ·  1
    Sam FosterJust got home after a fabulous night at Tatton . Still got the moves Marti and that smile to die for . That's concert number 15 to add to the list . πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„9 hours ago
    Sharon SimpsonFab night never get bored of watching. It was our 14th concert of the year.... xx8 hours ago
    Julie RowarkKaren Avies - we need this again! Haven't laughed liked that in a while. Wish we could relive that night x9 hours ago
    Kim KeighronSuch an amazing night... One to remember!! ❀️9 hours ago
    Olivia MitchellI ❀️ the hottie on the piano! Fact! X8 hours ago   ·  3
    Lisa ForbesIm in Scarborough staying with my friends ready for tomorrow night. Cant wait xx9 hours ago
    Hellbells SpenceReally wish I had been there!! 😒10 hours ago   ·  1
    Sandi Stevensonwell done guys, another success - smashing picture #wetwetwet10 hours ago
    Heather WestonFab night, loved it x8 hours ago   ·  1
    Leigh Princess EvansI ❀️the hottie on the piano and the gorgeous little one in the arms of Marti !!!8 hours ago
    Jan FrancisAnita missed this one didn't we? Lol xxx10 hours ago
    Julie LauderFabulous night. Thank you guys. Xx9 hours ago
    Nicky YouAmazing night! Thank you xxx9 hours ago
    Jude EvansBrilliant night. Wish i was going to Scarborough!10 hours ago
    Jackie EasonAmazing as always 😍x8 hours ago
    Lynsey DavisAmazing night... thanks guys you was amazing again xx8 hours ago

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    Tatton Park we are getting ready for you! #WetsSummer #wetwetwet
    Stage Times: Ben Montague 7.30pm | Wet Wet Wet: 8.30pm
    We can't wait to see you all tonight! #WetsLive
    ... See MoreSee Less

    15 hours ago

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    Graeme KeastCame to see you in Manchester, was meant to take my mum but she had to have a leg amputation. As a gift I bought her the drum skin you had on auction... She's now ready for you at the front! Boom πŸ‘Š13 hours ago   ·  2
    Paul AshworthGutted I can't be there 60 in September so penny's tight this year seen you twice this year so I can't be greedy can I, enjoy every one that's going to night n tomorrow night,14 hours ago   ·  1
    Suzanne BrewsterHurry hurry. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Front row lake side of stage. Please come to this side as in Dublin you liked the other side.πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ.13 hours ago
    Debbie WatkinsMarti were are you we have been waiting since 92 for this date xxx sitting by the lake xxx13 hours ago
    Debbie WatkinsWe're here last time 92 got tshirt by lake xxx give us a wave xxxxx please xxxxx Julie and debbie xxx13 hours ago
    Debbie HoughOmg can't believe the atmosphere come on my marti birthday weekend can't beat it πŸ˜†πŸ˜†12 hours ago
    Jo BarnesWe are here waiting patiently πŸ˜ƒ15 hours ago   ·  4
    Jane Charlotte GreenAlready here and waiting xx15 hours ago   ·  1
    Sam DoddI'm waiting Cardiff ..... Just saying I'm excited come on boys xx14 hours ago
    Caroline WoodWe are here and waiting for you xx12 hours ago
    Jules CarlileReady and waiting x have a good time everyone xx14 hours ago
    Sha RichardsonWe are waiting xx13 hours ago
    Charlotte Dykes@BronxKnutsford for an after party!9 hours ago
    Jill ClarkEnjoy everyone, waiting here in Scarborough for tomorrow's gig πŸ˜€14 hours ago   ·  1
    Jacqueline HarrisonHave a great gig but save some for us in Scarborough tomorrow :) Can't wait x14 hours ago   ·  1
    Sarah EvansReady and waiting with Tracy Gibbs. 7 hour drive and worth every minute!!13 hours ago
    Julie MurrellHave an amazing night everyone, wish I was there!! ;-) xxx14 hours ago
    Tasha Carter Was DunnI so excited to buy my tickets for your AUSTRALIAN wine region tour!!!!!!! Just send me the dates and I will be there9 hours ago
    Joanne Hamilton-whyteAllison Matchett u are one lucky lady - so jealous enjoy and remember Brian is bringing you home not Marti lol15 hours ago
    Zill PhillipsHave a wonderful concert, sorry i cant make it this weekend. but be waiting on vid n pics. xx12 hours ago
    Elizabeth McminnEnjoy every one that's going gutted I can't make it xx15 hours ago
    Tracie HaworthOoooh well jel, enjoy everybody, it will be fantastic xx14 hours ago
    Lynn BairdWish I was there but if it's anything like Chelsea it will be great .14 hours ago
    Jean HeardBlimey youve missed one Julie Heard....I DONT BELIEVE IT LOL XXXX10 hours ago
    Helen ReedAnother fab night!8 hours ago

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