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    Wet Wet Wet - 'Don't Want to Forgive Me Now - Picture This' Tr...
    Continuing with the second of our 'Picture This' Track by Track videos, here we are reminiscing about 'Don't Want To Forgive Me Now'. Pre-order your copy of 'The Big Picture' here bit.ly/1KQBmJe #WWWTheBigPicture Tour Dates: wetwetwet.co.uk/tour-dates/
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    14 hours ago

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    Nicky Sabu PriceThis is my favourite....simply because of the entrance at Glasgow Green 25th anniversary reunion gig....the atmosphere was electrifying. I had to giggle at the France reference as in the last Cardiff gig I was front row and I shouted 'I love you GC') and it had to be at a moment when there was silence....Marti said to me 'Are we in France or something?' - Whilst poking his tongue out and making faces at me (I love you all equally btw 😃), then Graeme comes over and does some poses in front of me - in total shock I was stood there like a window flicker, totally gobsmacked in a good way....this will be the first tour I can't come to due to finances which is absolutely gutting for a superfan - but the memories I have of every tour (and solo gigs and Marti in theatre) since the beginning of your careers are priceless and..precious 😉...I hope there will be many more to come xxxx11 hours ago   ·  2
    Debbie DeldayOne of my wee boys favourite songs!! ;)13 hours ago   ·  1
    Massaki JpCome to Japan Wets please !!!13 hours ago
    Caroline CreeseLove the Mexican Standoff song 🎶 🎺12 hours ago
    Rosie LiddiardGraeme D ? 😩11 hours ago
    Toa Riismøllerjust reminded me how much I love the Wembly concert12 hours ago
    Pauline Carr TurnerLove that song, can't wait to see you,,s. Love Marti xx13 hours ago
    Leanne AndrewsCan't wait xxx13 hours ago
    Angela CollinsLove this song 💕💕💕11 hours ago
    Linda Morrisonthis is a fav of mine10 hours ago
    Cara Louise JonesLove this song Amanda Roberts, can't wait for Feb to come around xx8 hours ago   ·  1
    Jill BuckleyGreat x11 hours ago
    Debbie TaylorThis song always reminds me of my kids growing up as our younger daughter had a black robot exactly like the red one in the video (we bought it before seeing the video). ;)12 hours ago
    Liz BurnsOmg Nicola Russell 😂😂😂13 hours ago   ·  1
    Aline RöhrerCome to Germany please 😚 !!12 hours ago
    Jacqui DaviesAmi Davies 👏👏👏👏13 hours ago   ·  1

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    Wet Wet Wet "Julia Says" Track by Track
    Not long to go until the release of ‘The Big Picture’ on Oct 30th. We got together to take a trip down memory lane to talk about the making of the album ‘Picture This’ track by track.
    First up is ‘Julia Says’ below, we hope you enjoy it, more videos to come!
    Pre order your copy of The Big Picture here bit.ly/1KQBmJe
    Tour Dates: - wetwetwet.co.uk/tour-dates/
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    1 week ago

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    Linda WilliamsLove that long hair Marti, can't wait to see Wet,Wet, wet again xx1 week ago   ·  2
    Jean MalcolmSaw Wet wet wet twice years ago got all cds still gteat2 days ago
    Jade KettleWent to see wet wet wet at Portsmouth live absouloutly fantastic xx7 days ago
    Rose FisherSaw wet wet wet at Wembly arena & also at Alton Towers they were brilliant both times hopefully getting tickets to see them again😘😘1 day ago
    Sue BurtJust love love love Wet Wet Wet terrific saw Marti at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro a few years ago in the Witches of Eastwick he was fantastic.3 days ago
    Rosie LiddiardWould be lovely to have some tour vids released behind the scenes and loaded on here to watch as the Tour go round the country 😀 it would be a big hit and make the Fans really happy and tuned in to what's happening and make ithe tour more exciting xxx1 week ago   ·  6
    Elainor WalshLove wet, wet , wet. Fabulous video7 days ago
    Suzanne Douglasmy favourite Wets track!1 week ago
    Peter Hodgsoni have the platinum disc for the original release of this album as part of the sales team2 days ago
    Sam SmithEven more excited now, can't wait for the tour as well! X1 week ago   ·  1
    Graeme McIntyreWhy was that demo not included on the new release? We would love to hear demos and alternate versions of all the songs.1 week ago   ·  3
    Caroline CreeseBrilliant video guys - cant wait for the next instalment1 week ago   ·  2
    Laura JohnsonCan't wait to receive the CD, won't get mine until 1st of November as seeing wonderful Marti yet again in Blood Brothers on Halloween😀, can't wait for the tour see you in Rhyl, Birmingham & Newcastle😄❤️💞1 week ago   ·  2
    Diane SaundersGlad to see u all together hope all the demons have gone cany wait to see you ,good luck with it all3 days ago   ·  1
    Janice WilliamsLooks so sexy with long hair xxx3 days ago   ·  1
    Gina JarvisCan't wait :) ... Excited1 week ago   ·  1
    Susan PeriamYes Kerry Merry, got our tickets safely put away. Xx1 week ago   ·  1
    Jules CartwrightIt's my favourite song along side lip service. Those two make the hairs on my arms stand up! Love em.1 week ago
    Massaki JpCome to Japan Wets Please !!!1 week ago
    Samantha LangstonLove that song!...A timeless Classic1 week ago
    Pauline Carr TurnerLook at Marti sitting there cool as out and as sexy as ever x7 days ago
    Pauline Carr TurnerCan't wait7 days ago
    Gordon Brownit nerver always dry dry dry13 hours ago
    Helen MazeWow x Luv u guys sooooo much dream come true to meet you one day :) here's to dreaming x1 week ago
    Tracy NesbittBeen a massive fan since I was 9 and still love them3 days ago

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